Friday, March 2, 2018

Masaru Imada - 1980 - Andalusian Breeze

Masaru Imada 
Andalusian Breeze

01. Andalusian Breeze 7:00
02. Morning Dream 4:49
03. Gulf Stream 6:40
04. Touch And Go 8:37
05. Samba Del Centauro 3:19
06. Nowin 7:12

Bass – Mitsuaki Furuno
Drums – Shinji Mori
Electric Piano – Masaru Imada
Guitar – Kazumi Watanabe
Percussion – Yuji Imamura

A beautiful little record, with some of the slight exotic touches you might expect from the title – as the group features Kazumi Watanabe on acoustic and electric guitar, and Yuji Imamura on percussion – both musicians who help open up the sound of the trio core into much warmer territory! Masaru Imada plays piano with a sharply sparkling tone, but also a strong sense of rhythm – one that's often amplified by the excellent bass work of Mitsuaki Furuno, who may well be the real star of the set – given his subtle talent for moving things forward.