Friday, March 2, 2018

Francis Monkman - 1978 - Tempus Fugit

Francis Monkman 
Tempus Fugit

01. Strident Theme
02. Strident Theme (Alt. Ending)
03. Speed
04. G Force
05. Live Action
06. Daredevil
07. Stress
08. Getting Ready
09. Stargazing
10. Stargazing (Alt. Ending)
11. Mystique
12. Starlight
13. Art And Science

Francis Monkman: Keyboards

Tempus Fugit comes from a phrase that means “time flies”; and this record, billed as a collection of contemporary electronic music as is par for the course for Bruton’s BRI series, gives that impression, at least from the first three tracks. Every song in this collection was composed by Francis Monkman, one of the more gifted composers of the Bruton Music stable. A number of these songs have been seen in other selections reviewed here, such as BRL 1 Auturbine and BRD 5 Fragrance, but the ones that haven’t, are some of the best in the Bruton catalog. The sinister “Daredevil”, and the well-sequenced “Stress” are but a taste, but the real reason for having this collection starts Side B. “Getting Ready” is an all-keyboard affair with a slow, but still killer groove, and one of those songs that keeps people hooked into library music in the first place. “Mystique” is another slow-burner that takes a killer turn somewhere midway in the song. As the rest collected here, in particular the calm and tranquil “Starlight”, are of a high quality, this is easily one of the better Bruton collections out there, made even better by compiling some of the best work of one of their best composers.

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