Friday, March 2, 2018

Francis Monkman - 1978 - Energism

Francis Monkman 

01. The Dawn Of An Era (Realisation Of Unlimited Possibility) 3:10
02. The Endurance Of Man (Expenditure Of Energy) 2:58
03. Perpetual Motion (Unceasing Energy) 3:56
04. Perpetual Motion (Alternate Cut Off End) 0:14
05. The Achievements Of Man (The Determination To Achieve Great Heights) 3:28
06. The Achievements Of Man (Alternate Tail End) 0:25
07. Man & Superman (The Endless Turmoil) 3:30
08. Man & Superwoman (Power With A Feline Structure) 3:16
09. Female Of The Species (A Study In The Female Infra-structure) 2:57
10. Bionics (Power Without Suppression - The Eternity) 2:07
11. The Ascent Of Man (The Power Within Us) 1:59

Bass Guitar – Mo Foster
Drums – Barry De Souza
Percussion – Tristam Fry
Keyboards – Francis Monkman

Keyboardist-composer Francis Monkman's Energism is one of the most extraordinary albums in the Bruton Music library. Featuring an exciting blend of conventional rhythm section Barry de Souza (drums), Mo Foster (bass guitar) and Tristan Fry (percussion) with synthesizers programmed and played by Monkman, it ranks alongside the work of such electronic music pioneers as Vangelis, Tomita, and Tangerine Dream. By 1978, when Energism was recorded, Monkman was already well established in both classical and rock music circles. He was a founder member of early '70s prog-rock groups Sisyphus and Curved Air and in 1979 formed part of the original line-up of guitarist John Williams all-conquering classical-rock band, SKY. Energism also proved to be one of Bruton's most successful albums, its music used extensively in films and documentaries and on television and radio. It's remarkable to think that the futuristic grooves of tracks such as The Achievements of Man, The Dawn of an Era and The Ascent of Man were recorded in the late 1970s; they reveal Monkman as one of the era's unsung electronic music innovators. 

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