Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Atlantis - 1974 - Ooh, Baby

Ooh, Baby

01. Brother 3:05
02. Son Of A Bitch's Son 3:51
03. Waiting And Longing 3:14
04. Mr. Bigshot 5:34
05. The Way I Choose 3:53
06. Ooh, Baby 2:53
07. Smiling People 3:33
08. New York City 4:41
09. Godfather 3:43
10. Leave It To The Devil 3:13

Bass, Backing Vocals – Karl-Heinz Schott
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Ringo Funk
Grand Piano – Jean-Jacques Kravetz
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Alex Conti
Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals – Adrian Askew
Lead Vocals, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Inga Rumpf

Soloist, Piano – Jasper van't Hoff (tracks: B2)
Backing Vocals – Linda Fields

I  didn't have this or the next album when I did the original Atlantis/Frumpy posts, so here they are a bit late, but here they are!

One of Atlantis's stronger efforts in their typical 70's mainstream AOR style, with a nice balance of hard and soft tracks and some great heavy moments ("Godfather"), and funky pop ("Smiling People"). It's reasonably decent as a complete Lp, although still uneven (..like all of this bands Lp's) but it seems to play through the lesser tracks a bit more smoothly than the band's other efforts, so it gets knocked up a notch in my ratings.

I prefer the Euro edition of the Lp over the US as the lead in track "Brother" is much stronger than the fairly ordinary "Mainline Florida" which replaced it on US pressings.

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