Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wapassou - 1978 - Ludwig: Un Roi Pour l'Eternite

Ludwig: Un Roi Pour l'Eternite

01. Ludwig (34:02)
02. Le Lac de Starnberg 1886 (1:16)
03. L'Adieu au Roi (2:10)
04. Hymne au Nouveau Romantisme (6:25)

- Freddy Brua / keyboards
- Karin Nickerl / guitars
- Jacques Lichti / violin
- Veronique Nickerl / vocals
- Marc Dolisi / synthesizers

Ludwig, as might be expected, is the more overtly classically influenced of their albums, and uses synthesizers to a greater degree than the previous two, as well as plenty of organs and keyboard bass, and vocals by Véronique Nickerl. Mostly consisting of one long piece "Un Roi pour Eternité" (now fused into one continuous 34 minute track), it also features a short cover of Wagner's "Lac de Starnberg," a shorter track, "L'Adieu du Roi," which features Marc Dolisi guesting on ARP synthesizer, and for good measure Musea has even included a bonus track, the six-minute "Hymne au Nouveau Romanticisme." Three great discs, all highly recommended, although folks addicted to the steady beat of rock drums might be advised to proceed with caution

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