Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wapassou - 1977 - Salammbo


01. Salammbo Part 1 (18:04)
02. Salammbo Part 2 (19:05)

- Freddy Brua / keyboards
- Jacques Lichti / violin
- Karen Nickerl / guitars

Taken after Gustave Flaubert's book, this is the group's third album and as you might have guessed a conceptual one. Two tracks only each filling up a side of vinyl, both of them highly theatrical musically speaking, and no bass and drums, this is a rather puzzling but very charming, oscillating between classical music and rockier moments (the synthesisers moments). If the words descriptive music can ring you something, this might just a fitting definition of it.

Enhanced by another Gustave's artworks (Doré on this one) as a sleeve, this trio (violin, (sometimes) fuzzy guitars, KBs ranging from piano, organs and synths) augmented by Mrs Fizelson's vocals here and there, is achieving quite an impressive show of mastery of their musical propos. The music peaks between the 11 th and 13 th minutes of the second track, sometimes reminding you of a much-happier Univers Zero.

If you love grandiose ambiances, with aerial atmospheres, this little gem can be right up your alley, digging up a highway to your musical orgasmic fields. Do I make sense?

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