Friday, February 23, 2018

Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quartet - 1970 - Country Dream

Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quartet
Country Dream

01. Country Dream
02. Step Ahead
03. The Apple
04. Limited Space
05. D-51

Bass – Yoshio Ikeda
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Guitar – Kiyoshi Sugimoto
Piano – Hiromasa Suzuki

Recorded at Teichiku Kaikan Studio, Tokyo 7 Dec. 1969.
Originally released on 1970/3/1.

First solo album recorded for the New Stream In Jazz collection of the Columbia' Takt Jazz Series, by one of the most finest japanese jazz guitarist. Sugimoto who was sideman for Yuji Ohno, played also with trumpeter Terumasa Hino, worked for arranger Norio Maeda, but best known as a member in group, the Count Buffalos of drummer Akira Ishikawa. The Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quartet features Motohiko Hino, Yoshio Ikeda and Hiromasa Suzuki in charge of arrangements. Titles include only compositions of Hiromasa Suzuki except Country Dream by Kiyoshi Sugimoto. All tracks arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki.