Saturday, February 17, 2018

Charles Lloyd - 1972 - Waves

Charles Lloyd 

01. TM 4:58
02. Pyramid 7:08
03. Majorca 6:10
04. Harvest 8:57
05. Waves 5:15
06. Rishikisha 5:14
07. Hummingbird 1:36
08. Rishikesh 1:24
09. Seagull 2:14

Bass – Wolfgang Melz (tracks: A1 to B2)
Drums – Woodrow Theus II (tracks: A1 to B2)
Flute – Charles Lloyd (tracks: A3, B2, B3a to B3c)
Flute [Alto] – Charles Lloyd (tracks: A2)
Guitar – Gabor Szabo (tracks: A1, A3, B1), Tom Trujillo (tracks: A2, B2, B3a to B3c)
Guitar [12 String] – Roger McGuinn (tracks: A1, B2)
Percussion – Mayuto (tracks: A1, A3, B1), Woodrow Theus II (tracks: A1, B3a to B3c)
Saxophone [Tenor] – Charles Lloyd (tracks: A1, B1)

An often maligned and underrated album this is actually some primetime spiritual fusion jazz. Featuring a stellar cast of musicians. The legendary Gabor Szabo plays some adventurous and free-spirited guitar on 3 of the tracks. Gabor's then bassist Wolfgang Metz delivers some highclass fusion/world music playing, being busy and yet precise and to the point.

In a somewhat different vein the opening track "TM" features three Beach Boys: Mike Love, Carl Wilson and Al Jardine as well as Pamela Polland and Roger McGuinn. A lush vocal number somewhat reminding of Love's "All This Is That". Love also delivers some spiritual musings on "Rishikisha:Rishikesh". (Both Love and Lloyd great TM-enthusiasts).