Thursday, January 11, 2018

Motörhead - 2005 - BBC Live & In-Session

BBC Live & In-Session

-BB Radio 1 / John Peel In-Session... September 25, 1978
101 Keep Us on the Road
102 Louie Louie
103 I'll Be Your Sister
104 Tear Ya Down

-BBC Radio 1 / In Concert - Live From Paris Theatre, London... May 16, 1979
105 Stay Clean
106 No Class
107 White Line Fever
108 I'll Be Your Sister
109 Too Late, Too Late
110 (I Won't) Pay Your Price
111 Capricorn
112 Limb From Limb

-BBC Radio 1 / David Jensen Show... October 6, 1981
201 Fast and Loose
202 Live to Win
203 White Line Fever
204 Like a Nightmare
205 Bite the Bullet / The Chase is Better Than the Catch

-BBC Radio 1 / Friday Rock Show... August 16, 1986
206 Killed By Death
207 Orgasmatron
208 Doctor Rock
209 Deaf Forever
210 Orgasmatron (Spoken Word)

Lemmy – lead vocals, bass - all tracks
"Fast" Eddie Clarke – guitar, backing vocals - all tracks disk 1 & disk 2 tracks 1-5
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor – drums - all tracks disk 1 & disk 2 tracks 1-5
Phil Campbell – rhythm guitar & lead guitar, backing vocals - disk 2 tracks 6-10
Michael "Würzel" Burston – rhythm guitar & lead guitar, backing vocals - disk 2 tracks 6-10
Pete Gill – drums - disk 2 tracks 6-10

This is a terrific double album and offers plenty for diehard fans who may think they have everything. It would also serve as a very useful introduction to Motorheads live sound for people who've only heard Ace of Spades. The BBC radio sessions are superbly engineered, with some restraint on the full on deafening sound of a live gig for an audience, the BBC sound guys no doubt seeking to minimize distortion for their listeners at home. It works and whilst holding nothing back you get to hear the musicianship of a tight band, particularly the seminal 3 piece line up of the 78 & 81 sessions. The live theatre show from 79 is a different matter, however, Lemmy getting free reign to deafening the public! It's great to hear the band on top form and so clearly enjoying their new found "stardom", Lemmys asides and banter with the fans illustrating the guy's intelligence and humour. The final radio session from 86 is of course the 4 man set up and includes much fine playing and spirited renditions of Orgasmatron, Doctor Rock & particularly Deaf Forever. Sadly the boys have gone to where the pool tables & free JD are, but we have the music for ever.



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