Thursday, January 11, 2018

Motörhead - 2000 - The Chase Is Better Than the Catch - The Singles A's & B's

The Chase Is Better Than the Catch - The Singles A's & B's

101. Louie, Louie
102. Overkill
103. No Class
104. Bomber
105. Leaving Here (Golden Years EP)
106. Stone Dead Forever (Golden Years EP)
107. Ace Of Spades
108. Motorhead (Live)
109. Iron Fist
110. I Got Mine
111. Shine
112. Killed By Death

201. Tear Ya Down
202. Too Late Too Late
203. Like A Nightmare
204. Over The Top
205. Dead Men Tell No Tales (Golden Years EP)
206. Too Late Too Late (Golden Years EP)
207. Dirty Love
208. Over The Top (Live)
209. Remember Me, I'm Gone
210. Turn You Round Again
211. Hoochie Coochie Man (Live)
212. Under The Knife

CD1: A-sides.
CD2: B-sides.

Track 1 taken from "Louie Louie / Tear Ya Down" single, 1978.
Track 2 taken from "Overkill / Too Late Too Late" single, 1979.
Track 3 taken from "No Class / Like a Nightmare" single, 1979.
Track 4 taken from "Bomber / Over the Top" single, 1979.
Tracks 5 and 6 taken from "The Golden Years" EP, 1980.
Track 7 taken from "Ace of Spades / Dirty Love" single, 1980.
Track 8 taken from "Motörhead / Over the Top" single, 1981.
Track 9 taken from "Iron Fist / Remember Me, I'm Gone" single, 1982.
Track 10 taken from "I Got Mine / Turn You Round Again" single, 1983.
Track 11 taken from "Shine / Hoochie Coochie Man" single, 1983.
Track 12 taken from "Killed by Death / Under the Knife" single, 1984.

Now we're cooking: disc one, featuring all A-sides, is sheer, glorious overkill (as soon as the so-so "Louie, Louie" opener finishes). Lemmy's ZZ topic obsession continues in "No Class" (see also "Beer Drinkers" and "Overnight Sensation"). Scalding signature scar "Ace of Spades" squats here, along with fine slices of Motörhead's vaunted live expertise ("Stone Dead Forever" and the Hawkwind heavy whence the band glommed its apropos moniker). If you've never been clinched in the "Iron Fist," prepare to know what power is. Deceptively melodic licks chug through "I Got Mine." This is the Head earning its umlaut. Time to play B-sides: the second CD naturally can't compete with the fevered freewheeling of the first, but rides right alongside. Once the Motörhead groove slams in, just submit and let the boys roll. "Tear Ya Down" and the spark-chasing "Too Late Too Late" are quite cool and a mean kickoff. Only these three greasy cats could make the boring blues of "Hoochie Coochi Man" burn. "Like a Nightmare," "Dead Men Tell No Tales," and the appropriately dubbed "Over the Top" also rule the road. "Under the Knife" takes two Long Island loonies, BÖC and Twisted Sister, to task. Though two cuts are repeated live, The Chase is a jet-fueled, battle-worn monument to Motörhead's golden years.



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