Thursday, January 11, 2018

Motörhead - 1975 - On Parole

On Parole 

01. Motorhead
02. On Parole
03. Vibrator
04. Iron Horse / Born To Lose
05. City Kids
06. Fools
07. The Watcher
08. Leaving Here
09. Lost Johnny

Bass, Vocals – Lemmy
Drums – Lucas Fox
Guitar – Larry Wallis

Originally released on December 8, 1979, this grouping assembles all variations of the "On Parole" album as well as its re-releases and subsequent remastered versions (some also contain bonus tracks or feature alternate covers). Bootlegged versions are also grouped here. 

In fact this was recorded in September 1975, so technically this is the band's first album. It was supposed to be released in 1976, but the label refused to release it and it got shelved. The album was eventually released in 1979 to cash in on the band's success. 

Motörhead themselves have said that their 1977 self-titled album is their first official release. They used to deny that "On Parole" was their debut album. Due to the record company's initial refusal to release this album, when a reconfigured Motörhead (featuring Eddie Clarke on guitar) were given studio time by Chiswick Records in 1977, they chose to re-record the album again its entirety (only "Fools" and "Leaving Here" weren't re-recorded) leading to their self-titled release.

A lot of people with long hair point to Motorhead as the precursors of that terrible affliction called NWOBHM. You know,that movement populated by spotty, lank greasy haired, denim and leather clad, exclusively male, geeks.
This is mostly true, but was not the intention of Lemmy to inspire an army of groups who played sped up Black Sabbath and Judas Priest numbers. He always described his groups music as Rock'n'Roll, not Heavy Metal; which of course is correct.
Always dumped in the Metal category, they had more in common with Punk than Black Sabbath. It just so happened that they dressed like bikers, which is the look that tragically got adopted by those acne scarred New Wave Of British Heavy Metalheads. Motorhead started basically as an associate member of the Pub Rock scene, and they sounded like Pub Rock too.
Their first album was the unreleased "On Parole" with pub stalwart drummer Lucas Fox, and ex-Pink Fairy/ Deviants Proto-Punker Larry Wallis; recorded in 1975, but not released until Motorhead were popular.
With new recruits Phil Taylor and Fast Eddie Clark, this album was re-recorded almost entirely as the "Motorhead" album on Chiswick in 1977.
Personally I prefer "On Parole" to the Chiswick version, even though the following three or four albums are absolute Rocking classics. I do like the less cranked up, basic, version of Motorhead. 

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