Friday, January 12, 2018

Mort Garson - 1971 - Music For Sensuous Lovers By Z

Mort Garson
Music For Sensuous Lovers By Z

01. Climax One (13:50)
02. Climax Two (12:07)

- Mort Garson: Moog synthesizer

Promotional copies contained warning sticker 'For Adults Only' on the top left of the front cover and a factory emboss 'Not For Sale Promotion Use Only' on the top right of front cover. Both the public and promotional label designs were identical in red with black text.

Now this is an odd album if there was one, and perhaps not the best idea out there. Both him and Ruth White came up with Occult Moog albums, and he also came up with Astrological Moog albums (the Signs of the Zodiac series from 1969). But this is one idea that should have been left in the bedroom and that's Sex Moog, which is exactly what you get with Music For Sensuous Lovers. He tends to release albums under pseudonyms or make sure his name is nowhere to be found on the front cover (you have to look in the songwriting/composing/performing credits to find his name on many of these albums), and on this one he was recording as "Z". If you've enjoyed The Wozard of Iz, or the Signs of the Zodiac series, musically, this album isn't too terribly different. I personally love what he does musically here. It's what you hear in the background is best left in the bedroom. It's not the kind of album you want to be heard in mixed company, especially with more conservative minded guests. It's no surprise neither A&M nor Uni released this album, due to content. It was released on Sensuous Music, which, as far as I can tell, a private release. I imagine this was only available in adult book stores, but there's nothing to verify that, but I wouldn't doubt that if that was true. It's hard to find and never been reissued (in this case I can see why it was never reissued due to content). So maybe not the best idea, but if it was a straight musical album it would be great, as I love the music, and I recommend it for the musical part. Three stars, love the music, but the background sounds should have been left in the bedroom.