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John Lewis - 1962 - Essence

John Lewis 
Essence - John Lewis Plays The Compositions & Arrangements Of Gary McFarland

01. Hopeful Encounter 4:47
02. Tillamook Two 7:11
03. Night Float 4:14
04. Notions 3:57
05. Another Encounter 5:09
06. Wish Me Well 7:45

Alto Saxophone – Eric Dolphy (tracks: A3)
Baritone Saxophone – Gene Allen (tracks: A2, B2), Jimmy Giuffre (tracks: A3)
Bass – George Duvivier (tracks: A3), Richard Davis (2) (tracks: A1, A2, B1 to B3)
Basset Horn – Don Stewart (3) (tracks: A2, B2)
Bassoon – Loren Glickman (tracks: A2, B2)
Clarinet – Phil Woods (tracks: A2, B2)
Drums – Connie Kay
Flute – Harold Jones (2) (tracks: A2, B2)
Flute [Alto] – Eric Dolphy (tracks: A2, B2)
French Horn – Gunther Schuller (tracks: A3), Bob Northern (tracks: A1, B1, B3), Robert Swisshelm (tracks: A1, B1, B3)
Guitar – Billy Bean (tracks: A1, B1, B3), Jim Hall (tracks: A2, A3, B2)
Oboe – William Arrowsmith (tracks: A2, B2)
Piano – John Lewis (2)
Tenor Saxophone – Benny Golson (tracks: A3)
Trombone – Mike Zwerin (tracks: A1, B1, B3)
Trumpet – Freddie Hubbard (tracks: A1, B1, B3), Herb Pomeroy (tracks: A3), Louis Mucci*\ (tracks: A1, B1, B3), Nick Travis (tracks: A1, B1, B3)
Tuba – Don Butterfield (tracks: A1, B1, B3)

"John Lewis plays the compositions & arrangements of Gary McFarland"

A3 recorded September 9, 1960.
A1,B1,B3 recorded May 25, 1962.
A2,B2 recorded October 5, 1962.

John Lewis takes on the music of Gary McFarland – working here in a very cool set of McFarland compositions and arrangements – often with a lot more tone, color, and feeling than usual for a Lewis album! John often punctuates his piano notes, almost as if he's using vibes – and the larger backings have this way of being quite spacious – as in some of McFarland's more modern recordings for Impulse from the same time – very open, and quite revolutionary for the time!

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