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Eric Dolphy - 2001 - The Complete Uppsala Concert

Eric Dolphy 
The Complete Uppsala Concert

101. What is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter) 4:26
102. 245 (Eric Dolphy) 20:40
103. Laura (David Raksin) 6:56
104. 52nd St. Theme (Thelonious Monk) 1:46
105. Bag's Groove (Milt Jackson) 14:07

201. Out of Nowhere (Johnny Green / Edward Heyman) 12:46
202. I'll Remember April (Don Raye / Gene Depaul / Patricia Johnston) 14:31
203. 52nd St. Theme (Thelonious Monk) 0:49
204. When Lights are Low (Benny Carter) 15:58

Eric Dolphy - alto sax, bass clarnet, flute
Rony Johanson - piano
Kurt Lindgren - bass
Rune Carlsson - drums

This two-CD set features the remarkable Eric Dolphy (tripling on alto, bass clarinet, and flute) during a concert in Sweden. Accompanied by an obscure but talented rhythm section (pianist Rony Johansson, bassist Kurt Lindgren, and drummer Rune Carlsson), Dolphy really stretches out on five of the seven numbers, particularly during a 2O and-a-half minute version of his blues "245." Other highlights include "Laura" (featuring Dolphy unaccompanied on alto), "Bag's Groove" (his only recording of that piece), and "I'll Remember April." With the exception of "245," all of the songs are bop standards, but Eric Dolphy's improvisations are typically unpredictable and adventurous. The recording quality is decent, making this a good set to get after acquiring Dolphy's better-known sessions.
Recorded at Vastmanland Dala Nation, Uppsala, Sweden at Sept. 4 1961

The band really cooks and the interplay between the drummer Rune Carlsson and Dolphy is phenomenal. Carlsson's work is quite assertive and Dolphy does not try to dominate - he supports the drum work nicely and vice versa. The reviewer who didn't think Dolphy here is at his best I suspect wasn't listening to the band as a whole or the drummer interacting with Dolphy and was really missing out on something great. Carlsson's cymbal work is just killing and his choice of cymbals suits the music wonderfully - particularly the main ride. Sound quality is not great but I'd be surprised if I would get much extra enjoyment with better sound.

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