Friday, September 22, 2017

La Banda - 1980 - La Banda

La Banda 
La Banda

01. Rock De La Calle
02. Muy Lejos Te Vas
03. Candombe Llamada
04. La Música Es Mi Amor (Music Is My Love)
05. Malísimo
06. Mamá Reloj
07. Montevideo
08. Es Una Constelación

Ruben Rada: Vox, percussion
Bernardo Baraj: Sax
Benny Izaguirre: Trumpet
Jorge Navarro: Keyboards
Ricardo Sanz: Bass
Luis Ceravolo: Drums

Daniel Homer: Guitar
David Lebon: Guitar

Ruben Rada is a famous Uruguayan artist who has successfully completed over 30 albums, many of which have come to be considered as classics. This amazing musical genius has not only created beautiful songs but is also a composer, percussionist, and creator of a brand new genre of music called “Candombe.” This unique style was created through his integration of different genres and instruments such as, Rock and Mexican music. He has also appeared on television and in films. His unfortunate inability to form or find a stable band has followed him in his entire career. Over the years he has tried to find stability with the Fattoruso Brothers, El Kinto, Totem, Otros Shakers, La Banda, and La Rada. Despite being very successful, both when performing solo songs and when performing with his band mates, he could never find members to stick with over the years. In spite of all this, he has been able to find global fame performing from the United States to his home country Uruguay
Ruben Rada was born on July 17, 1943 in the Palermo district of Montevideo, Uruguay. Growing up he had a special love for music with some of his favorite singers being Ray Charles and the Beatles.
His first job required him to do song covers and imitations of famous artists on a radio show. Though he did not gain any quick fame, he was exposed to and quickly learned music ranging from Mexican songs to tangos.
In 1956, he got his first big break while riding the public bus. He met some jazz musicians who turned out to be the Fattoruso brothers. They were impressed by the young boy’s love for music and invited him to join their band, the Hot Blowers. He continued to play with them until he was 20 years old.
In 1964, he teamed up with Eduardo Mateo to form the band ‘El Kinto Conjunto’. The band’s unique sounds came from their innovative use of Latin American elements fused with Rock and other genres. They were also the first band in his country to create the beat genre in Spanish.
He decided to briefly relocate to Argentina where he was able to record his first solo album and hit single ‘Las Manzanas’. The single was a major success and due to his popularity he was invited to participate in the Rio de Janeiro’s Festival of Popular Music in 1965.
In 1966, he joined the band ‘Totem’. Together, they successfully recorded two albums and became one of Uruguay’s most popular bands in their unique genre.
In 1977, his former band mates, the Fattoruso Brothers, invited him to come to the United States to assist in the recording of their second album, ‘Magic Time’. Together with his new band, OPA, he created one of the best musical works of his time.
For the next few years he tried unsuccessfully to create a lasting band. He recorded albums with the bands: La Banda, Otros Shakers, and La Rada. From 1980 to 1991, he produced an average of one album each year.
Ruben Rada literally created the Spanish beat genre later named the “Candombe Beat”. The style has its root in the unique combination of the piano, chico, and repique. The beat became widely popular and has been utilized by countless musicians.
Paul McCartney is rumored to be a huge fan of Ruben Rada.



  2. terrific album, thanks for the info, Totem band with Rada is very great