Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Benninghoff's Bad Rock Blues Band - 1970 - Beethoven Bittersweet

Benninghoff's Bad Rock Blues Band
Beethoven Bittersweet

01. The Boggy Bayou Revival 6:45
02. The Error-atica 7:42
03. Da-Da-Da-Daah 8:36
04. It's Nota 3:11
05. Supersong 2:07

Bass, Guitar, Percussion – Kent Phillips
Clarinet, Saxophone – Don Hutchison
Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Organ – David Adkins
Flute, Saxophone – Roxanne Hutchison
Guitar, Effects [Special Effects] – John Rainey Adkins
Guitar, Piano – Larry Shell
Piano, Keyboards [Rocksichord], Organ – R.J. Benninghoff

Recorded At – Playground Studios, Valparaiso, Florida

American keyboard player, songwriter, arranger, and band leader. In the early 70s, R.J. Benninghoff lead the house band at Minaret Records label in Valparaiso, Florida. Frequently credited as an arranger under the alias Ar-Jay. Fuzzy, Psychedelic Bach... It just doesn't get much better than this...

If anyone out there has the follow up to this album from 1971, please share a copy with us... been trying to find a digital copy of it forever!


  1. http://www.filefactory.com/file/3mni79i8fcsx/4841.rar

  2. You also need to hear the 45 edit of The Boggy Bayou Revival. Mine got damaged years ago so I can't send it--but it is interesting.

  3. Looks more like psychedelic Beethoven. Thanks Drago.