Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back Door - 1976 - Activate

Back Door 

01. You Got Evil
02. Thru The Zig Zag Gate
03. Train Won't Blow
04. Dragonfly
05. Eliminate
06. Speedwalker
07. Roll On
08. Moon Mad Woman
09. Cryin' Inside

Colin Hodgkinson - Basses, Guitars, Vocals
Ron Aspery - Sax, E-Piano, Piano, Organ, Mellotron
Adrian Tilbrook - Drums, Percussion

Produced by Carl Palmer

I didn't think Anotherr Fine Mess sounded very much like Back Door. This definitely does, though, and it's way better than people seem to think it is.

A huge return to form. It's not as good as their debut album, but it's better than 8th Street Nites.

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