Friday, September 8, 2017

Bacamarte - 1983 - Depois Do Fim

Depois Do Fim 

01. UFO (6:26)
02. Smog Alado (4:11)
03. Miragem (4:54)
04. Pássaro De Luz (2:28)
05. Caño (1:59)
06. Último Entardecer (9:29)
07. Controvérsia (1:57)
08. Depois Do Fim (6:31)

Bonus track on 1995 Rarity CD:
09. Mirante das Estrelas (6:11)

Tracks 1 - 8:
- Jane Duboc / vocals (2, 4, 6, 8)
- Mário Neto / acoustic & electric guitars, producer & mixing
- Sergio Villarim / keyboards
- Marcus Moura / flutes, accordion
- Delto Simas / acoustic & electric basses
- Marco Veríssimo / drums
- Mr. Paul / percussion

Track 9:
- Mário Neto / all instruments (guitars, keyboards, bass, electronic drums)

This was a Brazilian septet including Mario Neto (guitar/vocals), Sergio Villarim (keyboards), Delto Simas (bass), Marco Veríssimo (drums), Marcus Moura (flute/accordion), Mr. Paul (percussion) and Jane Duboc (vocals). A rich and symphonic music with wonderful keyboards and a very nice flute which enlightens the compositions full of interest and detours. A few female vocal interventions complete to enrich this great work. The band surpasses their influences: LOCANDA DEL FATE, PFM, QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA and ILLUSION. 

They made two albums entitled "Depois Do Fim" ('83) and "Sete Cidades" ('99). In '95 Rarity Records released their first LP on CD with the addition of a bonus track (due to appear in their second LP). The CD "Depois Do Fim" is one of the highlights of the South-American Prog rock: a compelling blend of varied keyboards (vintage synthesizers, strings, piano, organ), skillful acoustic and electric guitar and strong Portuguese vocals. The nine compositions (four instrumental) sound warm and elaborate with many changing atmospheres. I'm mostly impressed by Mario Neto's alternating guitar play: from powerful and howling electric guitar to a slight Andalusian touch and classical like JOHN WILLIAMS (Sky-era) or using the tremolo-technique on the Spanish guitar (like "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" from TARREGA). Not to be missed by any serious Prog rock aficionado!

 Just wonderful. For me, the best Brazilian album ever. Imagine the most beautiful and delicated melodies sung by a clear and sweet female voice (in Portuguese), tons of symphonic keyboards and great guitar interplaying. Well, this is what BACAMARTE offers. At the end of the first song, you'll think that the highlight it's over, but the next track is another highlight, and the next again, and again... Nine pieces will take your breath away. A true masterpiece!