Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Baba Jaga - 1984 - Memorial Ceremony

Baba Jaga
Memorial Ceremony

01. Liar 3:18
02. Memorial Ceremony 5:25
03. Vivisektion 3:26
04. Smells Like Your Face 5:48
05. Gongratulations 4:05
06. The Letter 4:38
07. Don't Damn The Hunter 3:05
08. Power Stops At Nothing 4:00
09. Welcome In Our Lives Again 4:35

Recorded At – PM-Studio Marburg

Bass – Bernhard Brinkmöller
Drums – Hansel Hölscher
Guitar – Norbert Brinkmöller
Keyboards, Vocals – Werner Heinekamp
Vocals – Ralf Beine

Not to be confised with Baba Yaga, this obscure 80's German band recorded one album at Tonstudio Marburg, but it is unknown wheter they came from around the area.Baba Jaga were Ralf Beine on vocals, Norbert Brinkmöller on guitar, Bernhard Brinkmöller on bass, Hansel Hölscher on piano and Werner Heinekamp on vocals and keyboards.''Memorial ceremony'' (1984, private) has a very dark, mysterious front cover, which partly reflects on the atmosphere of the album.Actually it would be more suitable to a Black Metal album to say the truth.Because this one combines a Hard/Kraut Rock feel with notable New Wave influences and touches of Classic/Symphonic Rock.The 80's production and the full-time synth lines evoke a strong Synth Rock mood, the propulsive rhythms and English lyrics are akin to British Neo Prog and the crunchy, fiery electric riifs belong more to a Hard Rock band.A total mess, which leads to incosistency, no doubt, but there is too much energy and even some interesting compositions in here like the dynamic ''Don't damn the hunter'' or the symphonic ''Welcome in our lives again''.The rule here is the longer the tracks, the better the result.