Friday, August 25, 2017

Morita Doji - 1975 - Good Bye

Morita Doji 
Good Bye

01. Soshun Nite
02. Kimi Ha Kawachatta Ne
03. Mabushii Natsu
04. Ame No Kuroru (Crawl)
05. Chiheisen
06. Sentimental Dori
07. Samishii Kumo
08. Tango No sekku
09. Shu
10. Sayonara Boku No Tomodachi

Morita Doji (born January 15, 1952) is a Japanese psych folk singer-songwriter. Background She was 20 years old when a friend's death inspired her first album. She ended her career as musician in 1983, after giving a final concert in Tokyo.
Wonderfully melodramatic, each song sounds like a credit theme to a movie tragedy. A collection of sweet and beautiful laments to a passed friend with monumental orchestral elements, cool guitar solos, all packed in a lovely old-fashioned attitude.

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