Friday, August 25, 2017

Jun Kamikubo - 1972 - Nothingness

Jun Kamikubo

01. 勲章いっぱいぶらさげて [Getting Into The Ecstacy]
02. 死んだら恋人よ [Reflection Of Sentimentalism]
03. 天国行きの最終便 [Blues Of Movement]
04. 愛が欲しい [Get What You Want]
05. 半分終わった俺の人生は [What's My Life]
06. 人生は舞台劇 [I Want To Be What I Can]
07. 何となく何となく [Go Through The Wind]
08. 殺ったのは俺じゃない [Leaving My Position]

Music By, Arranged By, Vocals, Guitar [Lead, Side], Bass, Drums – 上久保ジュン (Jun Kamikubo)

I wonder what type of weed was prevalent in Japan around this time. It must have been potent, because there's a certain downer feel to the heavy records produced in the country that has a flavor all it's own. I mean, as this album gets going with "Getting Into the Ecstasy," that is one seriously, almost barbituate pace and feel we've got going here. The material isn't always that strong, but the balance of heavy to weak tracks is pretty strong. Recording however is pretty bad, and the vocals could be a lot better. I do like the farty, Jack Bruce-like bass sound though.
Jun Kamikubo's sole work Nothingness reminds me quite a bit of the Blues Creation's Demon & Eleven Children album. That is, a mix of blues and heavy psych. There's also some naive 60s styled pop, awesomely drenched in fuzz and old-stock organ. And yes, they had to throw in a "I gots the blues-real-bad, yeaaa I do" song per protocol. And even a Grateful Dead-ish "Truckin'" type number. So a diverse album that represents a compendium of the USA's 1960s scene. Through a Japanese filter. Works for me.

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