Friday, August 18, 2017

Alice Coltrane - 1968 - A Monastic Trio

Alice Coltrane 
A Monastic Trio

01. Ohnedaruth 7:49
02. Gospel Trane 6:44
03. I Want To See You 6:42
04. Lovely Sky Boat 6:51
05. Oceanic Beloved 4:18
06. Atmic Peace 5:53

Bass – Jimmy Garrison
Drums – Ben Riley (tracks: A1), Rashied Ali (tracks: A2-B3)
Piano, Harp – Alice Coltrane

A Monastic Trio, created in the year following her husband's passing, is Coltrane's first recording as a band leader and features six original compositions. While John's spirit can be felt throughout – from the song titles ("Ohnedaruth" was his adopted Hindu name) to the personnel (Jimmy Garrison, Rashied Ali, and Pharaoh Sanders were frequent collaborators) – the album showcases Alice's immense talent for fusing spiritual free jazz and new age with classical, Eastern, post-bop and gospel.

As the late Amiri Baraka writes, "'I Want to See You' is a monastic piano concerto. With echoes of Europe ... it has a solemnity and majesty to it.... Yes, monastic is the word. The piano broods in its earth imagination."



  2. link not working?

    1. Worked for me. Thank you for the upload. Alice is a new discovery for me. I guess I should start with her first solo record.