Saturday, July 1, 2017

Yonin Bayashi - 1978 - '73 Live

Yonin Bayashi 
'73 Live

01. Omatsuri (The Festival)
02. Soratobu Enban ni Otouto ga Nottayo (Young Brother Took a Flying Saucer)
03. Nakamura-kun no Tukutta Kyoku (The Song Written by Mr. Nakamura)
04. Issyoku-Sokuhatsu (Instant Explosion of Hair-trigger)

Daiji Okai / drums
Katsutoshi Morizono / guitars, voices
Hidemi Sakasita / keyboard
Masahide Sakuma / bass

A live album from '73 with YONIN BAYASHI who fused progressive with 70's hardrock with many instrumental passages. This CD holds 4 longs tracks only, totally dominated by skillfulled guitars and keyboards. Rich in melody and virtiouso guitar arrangements.

I have a request for the visitors of the blog... Does anyone out there have the two From The Vaults boxes and are you willing to rip us a copy of it?

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