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Yonin Bayashi - 1973 - 二十歳の原点 = (The Origin Of The Twenty)

Yonin Bayashi 
二十歳の原点 = (The Origin Of The Twenty)

01. The Theme Of The Origin Of The Twenty 3:23
02. 20 Years This Morning 4:08
03. Reading 1:47
04. School Fight 1:33
05. Reading 1:04
06. You Are My 5:07
07. Reading 3:29
08. Age Of Tears 4:41
09. Youth 2:13
10. Reading 2:09
11. Night 1:34
12. Reading 1:21
13. Tobacco (Night Part2) 2:45
14. Reading 5:57
15. ? 2:06
16. Reading 3:05
17. Four People At Etsuko Takano River Forests 3:03

Daiji Okai / drums
Katsutoshi Morizono / guitars, voices
Hidemi Sakasita / keyboard
Masahide Sakuma / bass

Film credits:
Hatachi No Genten "The Origin Of The Twenty"
Starring: Hachiro Kobayashi, Etsuko Takano, Tadashi Kaneko
Production Planning (Shinchosha edition) Kenjiro Omori
Director Kosuke Nakai, T. Harashima
Screenplay Takako Shigemoriaka

Found this online about the album:
There were riots in many university in Japan between late 1960s into the early 1970s. Clashes were repeated day after day and eventually, a female student was killed because of clash by mobile police.
The heroin of Hatachi no Genten is Takano Etsuko, who spent her university life in late 1960s. She really existed in Ritsumekan Daigaku (University) in Kyoto. This album was made as a sound track for the movie Hatachi no Genten' and Yoninbayashi depicts her story between 20th birthday on January 2 to June 24,the day of her suicide to train in 1969.

I am afraid if you can't speak Japanese, it may be hard to understand exactly of her story and in particular how powerfull a story it is for we Japanese. She was afflicted and her story made us distressed - riotious, broken hearted, and depressed..... Today there are not riots in Japanese universities but there is no real change between past and today's youth and the ways in which they are fumbled with their lives.

Takano Etsuko used a train to take her own life. I don't think many people would accept her decision to do this but the story of her distress makes listener's mind feel great grief that leaps across the years since this happened. I wonder how others feel when listening to it - especially if they are not Japanese? Is it a difficult album?

I want to write about this music. As I said above, this album was made as a sound track for movie. To my surprise,it was released 8 months ago of official first album ''Isshoku Sokuhatsu''. Hatachi no Genten is different a little from their other releases - Isshoku Sokuhatsu and Golden Picnics because of it is a soundtrack. It is, however, still a very attractive work.

Though the story and musical colour differ from Queensryche's Operation:Mindcrime and Pink Floyd's The Wall it must be estimated in such category of music. It is possible that Yoninbayashi are famous for their masterpieces Isshoku Sokuhatsu and Golden Picnics outside of Japan,too. If you are already collecting these other exceptional releases then please remember this album. It too is an important masterpiece. All members of Yoninbayashi were all teenagers at that time!!

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