Friday, July 7, 2017

Venus Gang - 1978 - Galactic Sound

Venus Gang 
Galactic Sound

01. Cosmic Daddy 5:18
02. Space Inferno 3:20
03. Take Me Back To My Planet 3:37
04. Telstar 3:23
05. Love To Fly 4:07
06. Dies Irae (Ecclesiastic Disco) 5:30
07. Evil Times 4:23

Jean-Pierre Massiera
Bernard Torelli
B. Damiano
P. Barbero

Still connected with the cosmos, MASSIERA brings the Space Disco concept back in 1978 with VENUS GANG on the album Galactic Soul (aka Synthetic Soul). The group is comprised of Massiera, Torelli, Patrick Barbero and singers MICKY & JOYCE.

“For Herman’s Rocket and Venus Gang, the tracks were composed with mixes of delirious voices and moogs. Musicians and singers improvised totally. Afterward I added “theme” gimmicks and different mixes keeping it fresh and unplanned.” — Jean-Pierre Massiera

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