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Papa Zoot Band - 2011- SWF-Session 1973

Papa Zoot Band 
SWF-Session 1973

01. Driving High 3:33
02. Mr Good Society 4:48
03. Hear Me When I'm Crying 5:01
04. Songs From Back Home 8:51
05. All The Girls 6:56
06. Future In The Past 4:36
07. Song From Back Home 9:48
08. Can't Be Myself 8:32
09. Mr Good Society 5:24
10. Fly Away 17:18

- Robby Matthes - bass, vocals (02,04,06,07,09,10).
- Reinhard "Tammy" Grohé - organ.
- Christian Engel - drums, vocals (05,07,08,09).
- Lutz Sommer - guitar (08,09,10)
- Ernst Nadler - vocals (01,03).
- Jean Shy - vocals (02,04).

In the spring of 1973, the core of the band from Robby Matthes on bass, Reinhard Grohé was at the organ and drummer Christian Engel. With a recorded tape in the sample space, the group applied Südwestfunk in Baden-Baden for a studio session. The application was successful and in April 1973 the band played with Nadler and the singer Jean Shy four tracks that make up the first four numbers of 2011 by Longhair published archive CD “SWF Session 1973 ’. The pieces 5 to 7 on the other hand come from the above-mentioned application tape, while the last three numbers have also been recorded at a later date, sometime in 1974 in the sample chamber of the group. The sound quality is consistently very good, also the sample chamber pieces.

had a progressive hard rock or earthy Orgelprog the Papa Zoot Band in 1973-74 on offer. Reinhard Grohe’s game is clearly the focus of the first seven pieces, vary between the more straightforward rockers organ (the shorter numbers) and auladenderen, quite complex design Protoprogstücken back and forth. Outstanding is the long "Song From Back Home”, in which bassist Matthes repeatedly growling growling-plays in the foreground and which to me in the long, somewhat cruder sample space version like better than the studio version with singing ladies.

The end of 1973, the guitarist Lutz summer had joined the band and he can also be heard on the last three pieces. His bluesy game pushes the organ a little into the background and makes sure that the music is a bit ordinary and unusual blue rocking especially in “Can not be myself” and the second version of “Mr. Good Society”. The final “Fly Away” sounds then difficult to Pink Floyd. The long piece acts as a bit cheap and being dusty jumble of fragments of “Meddle” and “Dark Side of the Moon”, slimmed down and flat, interspersed with some own ideas and provided with similar schwachbrüstigem song like the original. Not so great, and a bit too long, the piece has come also.

“Live 1973” is all in all a very entertaining, solid album with German Orgelprotoprog and a streaky Pink Floyd imitation, you can hear quite well. But it can be let remain. I mean, it’s unusual any moments are hardly to be reported (to the previously mentioned Bass deposits in “Song From Back Home”), a total of little originality, even if the musicians know their business very well. However, if Orgelprotoprog appreciates, who wants to get to know a now obscure lineup from Frankfurt to the early 70s and of course the one who has attended a concert of the band 35 to 40 years ago (perhaps a fan of the band was) and wants to wallow in nostalgia, the this CD can of course set anyway!….
by   Achim Breilin… 

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