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Papa Zoot Band - 2009 - Last Concert 1978

Papa Zoot Band 
Last Concert 1978

01. The Mirror Inside
02. I Wish
03. Fly Away
04. Friendship Or Love
05. When I Was Young
06. Tobacco Road

Ernst Nadler (vocals)
Lutz Sommer (guitar)
Robby Matthes (bass, vocals)
Reinhard "Tammy" Grohé (organ)
Christian Engel (drums, vocals)

Recorded live 07.04.1978 at Sinkkasten, Frankfurt, Germany.

Like for many other music fans, England, or rather its capital London, was to become the Mecca for Frankfurt born Ernst Nadler. This was the place to experience the original sounds of rock music that was spreading lightning fast, the place where new and interesting bands sprouted. After all, there was a huge difference between the sometimes desperate attempts of local school bands trying to copy their English models and having the opportunity to enjoy the original bands at the original locations. Ernst had long since contracted the rock virus, when in the summer of 1966 during one of his frequent stays in England, the concert of “Zoot Money and his Big Roll Band” put such a huge and lasting impression on him that, right after returning home, he founded the Papa Zoot Band with equal minded friends. He had a remarkable voice and therefore did the vocals. All of them were great fans of the Beatles, but since the Beatles no longer appeared live, the band felt it had to close that gap. However, to nobody’s surprise, this plan was much harder to realize than they expected. (Many years later, in 1975, three members of the Papa Zoot Band eventually founded the “Beatles-Revival-Band”, which is successful to date, 2009).

The Papa Zoot Band rehearsed on a daily basis, with varying casts and music styles, until their popularity extended beyond the region of Frankfurt and they were booked to perform together with bands like Guru Guru, Can, Creation or Sweet, very popular bands at that time. The band even managed to convince the radio station SWF (today SWR) of their qualities, and on 13.04.1973 they recorded four titles in the SWF studio. A release of these recordings is forthcoming. On 1st and 2nd of February 1974 the band appeared at the “German Pop Meeting” in the Grugahalle Essen, a two-day festival featuring important and well known representatives of the so called Krautrock, such as Kraan, Eloy, Guru Guru, Doldingers Passport, Scorpions, Embryo, Nektar etc. Most of the photos in this booklet were taken on this occasion. At that time, former band leader Ernst Nadler, who had given the band its name, had already left them, because he had taken up a regular job that was not compatible with the time-consuming life of a professional musician. Bassist Robby Matthes and drummer Christian Engel took over most of the vocals and went on tour with the remaining band members, guitarist Lutz Sommer and organist Tammy Grohé (ex-Nosferatu), until the band eventually split up in autumn 1975.As chance would have it the band met again in February 1978 at a party. In that memorable night they decided to give a final live-concert, not least motivated by the massive pressure of the many former fans who were present. During this concert they mostly played their own compositions from the years 1973-1975. The concert, which took place on 7.4.1978 in Frankfurt’s old “Sinkkasten”, was completely sold out. During the second part of this final concert of the Papa Zoot Band they played classic 60ies hits in commemoration of the band’s roots, with Ernst Nadler taking the microphone once again. This CD is dedicated to organist Tammy Grohe, who has passed away since.
Manfred Steinheuer, März 2009

Great lost band from Frankfurt, Germany. In 1973/1974 Papa Zoot Band played all over Germany, mainly in clubs but also on festivals (German Pop Meeting 1st and 2nd February 1974 in Essen, Grugahalle). Lutz Sommer guitar, Robby Matthes bass, voc, Reinhard "Tammy" Grohe organ (Ex-Nosferatu !) and Christian Engel drums, voc. played mainly long tracks, very melodic but also with a sense of drama comparable to Nektar, Eloy, Jane or Pink Floyd. Outstanding 20 minutes title "Fly away" could be a long track by Pink Floyd of the Meddle/Wish you were here/Animals-era without being an imitation. The other two long tracks "I Wish" (9 minutes) and "Friendship or Love" (11 minutes) also show throughout fantastic guitar and organ work (as you know it from "Nosferatu" album). Unbelievable that Papa Zoot Band never made an album. 4 Years after they called it a day, Papa Zoot Band played in early 1978 a sole reunion concert at there basic venue "Sinkkasten" in Frankfurt. This concert, which had the same playlist as their performance on German Pop Meeting 1974, proved again, that their music never lost its magic. This great performance was taped from the soundboard and has a superb sound quality. As bonus tracks there are two cover versions of great Eric Burdon song "When I was Young" in a 9 minutes psychedelic version and the classic "Tobacco Road" with former bandleader and great singer Ernst Nadler (nickname: Papa Zoot) who left Papa Zoot Band in early 1973. CD comes with comprehensive booklet, photos from their performance at the German Pop Meeting, 1974 (a. o. with Guru Guru, Kraan, Nektar, Eloy). Digitally remastered. Secret tip and a must have for all lovers of the genre.



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