Friday, July 7, 2017

Neutrons - 1975 - Tales From The Blue Cocoons

Tales From The Blue Cocoons

01. No More Straights (5:16)
02. Northern Midnight (5:55)
03. Come Into My Cave (4:47)
04. Live Your Lie (1:54)
05. L'Hippie Nationale (3:25)
06. Take You Further (5:55)
07. Welsh R Blunt (Or The Dexidrine Dormouse) (3:39)
08. The Jam Eaters (4:09)

- Phil Ryan / keyboards, vocals
- Will Youatt / bass, guitars, vocals
- Stuart Halliday / drums
- Dave Charles / drums
- Martin Wallace / guitars, vocals
- Ray "Taff" Williams / guitars, bass
- Caromay Dixon / vocals

Second and sorry to say last album by the NEUTRONS, "Tales From The Blue Cocoons" took the progressive tendencies of the first album and rolled in a slightly more pop 70's feel to it. In many ways these guys remind me of art rock bands likes of PLANET P, 10CC and CITY BOY. The NEUTRONS were the genius of Phil Ryan (Organs, synths) and Will Youatt (bass, guitars) who were both part at times of the Welsh progressive giants MAN. In contrast to their debut album, "Tales.." takes on a slightly more accessible sound and a different feel with the insertion of female vocals of Caromay Dixon on several tracks. Even with Stuart Gordon and John Weathers gone in the line-up this album still carries some pretty cool GENTLE GIANT mannerisms. The album boasts some fantastic keyboard and guitar work all surrounded by some pretty clever song writing and vocalizations.

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