Friday, July 7, 2017

L'Infonie - 1974 - Volume 3333

Volume 3333

01. Paix I (24:00)
02. Paix II (25:35)

- Jacques Beaudoin / bass
- Ysengourd Knörh / drums, percussion, whistle
- Michel Lefrancois / guitar
- Gilles Haineault / piano, clavinet
- André Pelchat / alto-saxophone
- Jean Grimard / soprano-saxophone
- Pierre Daigneault / tenor-saxophone
- Walter Boudreau / baritone-saxophone, production

Another developing incarnation of the previous album especially the "Paix" suite. L'Infonie had come back with this souvenir upon their heads. We L'Infonie freaks could not help but have a mixed feeling upon listening to this whole album, where newer "Paix" suite is dancing upon the bilateral sides of the lp.
Their improvisation-based play along with the basis of the original "Paix" is remarkably unified and polished as well. Filled with effective sound effects and melodic toys, dissected instrumental darkness or distorted sound mischiefs has got more and more powerful, and mysteriously I imagine they have launched kinda forcibility or unreasonable occasion coincident with explosive, powerful avantgarde-ism. On the other hand, their unreasonableness should come back to fantastic harmonization.

Suppose this suite alteration might have been released as the final construction they wanted to approach. Pros and cons have been around them is well understood, but they might have completed their combo career with exaggerated suite confusion. And yes, the last is quite so quiet enough that we can get immersed in perfectly. Let me send them my full regards personally.

In conclusion, there is not enough necessity to listen to this album (that is not available all over the world except in some used vinyl shops ... very expensive really though) if you enough have enjoyed the previous "Vol. 333", and no high recommendation for all avantgarde-progressive rock fans. Of course I love this stuff, let me say.

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