Friday, July 7, 2017

L'Infonie - 1971 - Volume 33 (Mantra)

Volume 33 (Mantra)

01. Mantra (14:07)
02. Mantra (Suite) (15:23)

- Walter Boudreau / saxophone
- Pierre Daigneault / saxophone
- Jean Prefontaine / saxophone
- Jean Grimard / saxophone
- Jack Rider / saxophone
- Guy Richer / trombone
- Jean-Pierre Carpentier / trombone
- Jocelyn Leblanc / trombone
- Leon Deith / trumpet
- Raôul Duguay / trumpet
- Sevy Uaennobrahc / trumpet
- Yves Champoux / trumpet
- Jacques Valois / bass
- Yvon Trudeau / guitar
- André Paul / piano
- Ysengourd Knörh / percussion
- Pierre Beluse / percussion
- Guy Thouin / percussion
- Guy Lachapelle / percussion

Adapted from Terry Riley (In C).

This is album number two by that wacky assortment of Canadian oddballs and reprobates. 'Vol 3' reminds me quite a lot of the soundtrack from Jodorowsky's 'El Topo' film, with it's repetitive one note bass, sputtering horns and continuously crashing percussion.

Comprising just two long tracks - each one is very hypnotic and trance inducing. I can easily visualise this horde of musicians, bedecked in those dodgy togas and funny hats, performing this free-form orchestrated rabble rousing cacophony. Some may find it repetitive and annoying, but personally I really like this nonsense. It pushes all the right buttons with me. It's so self indulgent, without a care as to how many of the public were going to purchase a copy.

The longer it progresses, the more shimmering and interwoven all the sounds become. All stemming from the premise of a couple of notes at the outset which pretty much continue throughout.

It's all very acceptable to my weird ears and brain which has been infiltrated for decades by strange and wonderful music.

Just what my record collection needs! A slightly nutty sounding version of Terry Riley's 'In C' complete with bass and drums and whatever!

And guess what!? It's pretty fucking good!!

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