Friday, July 7, 2017

Human Egg - 1978 - Human Egg

Human Egg 
Human Egg

01. Egg
02. Feeling On My Mind
03. The Lonely Man
04. Rainbows All Around
05. Fly
06. Delusion
07. Love Like This
08. I Got A Dream Of My Own
09. Hiroshima
10. You Keep Me Warm My Lady
11. Onomatopaeia

Tony Bonfils (vocals)
Jean Claude Chanavat (guitar)
Bernard Torelli (guitar, keyboards)
D'Antonio Sauveur (bass)
Jean Luc Crema (percussion)
Daniel Goyonne (piano)
Gerard Pontieux (electric piano)
Michel Goubet (keyboards)
Jean Faure (drums)

Jean-Pierre Massiera's freakiest funk project: Human Egg. This earth-friendly version tells the story of the legendary French producer, a bizarre blend of Joe Meek and Giorgio Moroder, recording from his cockpit of a studio in Antibes, France. Under guises and with a mass of French musicians, Massiera released innumerable amounts of library-music, prog, early techno, and disco. Cult disco hits "Space Woman" and "Love to Fly", recorded with Herman's Rocket and Venus Gang respectively, get play here and there. Human Egg, recorded in 1978, is his journey into the funk of tomorrow, complete with otherworldly vocals, fuzzy guitars, and a wild assortment of crazily produced grooves (think Stax records gone to Mars). Classic cut "Love Like This" was tipped by Madlib at a point in time. Also includes the strut "Feeling on My Mind," ballad "Rainbows All Around," and general oddball jam "Onomatopaeia." Highly collectible both for its musical content and that mind-blowing cover.

A couple of questions popped into my head while listening to this. Firstly: "Rainbows All Around" contains an instrumental section which is in John Miles' smash hit "Music". Who wrote it? Secondly: the melody for "I Got a Dream of My Own" partly resembles Horace Silver's "Song For My Father" quite a lot.

As French prog albums go, this is one of the most interesting ones I've heard. I haven't listened to but a few, but I like the space psychedelia on this one.



  2. Wow. Thank you. It is my first time that I listen it