Thursday, July 6, 2017

Gryphon - 2003 - Glastonbury Carol

Glastonbury Carol

01. Kemp's Jig (2:56)
02. Sir Gavin Grimbold (2:51)
03. Touch & Go (1:33)
04. Astrologer (3:11)
05. Estampie (7:42)
06. Opening Number (4:02)
07. Midnight Mushrumps, 1st Movement (6:21)
08. Midnight Mushrumps, 2nd Movement (5:45)
09. Midnight Mushrumps, 3rd Movement (6:54)
10. Glastonbury Carol (4:56)

- Richard Harvey / harmonium, keyboards, recorder, crumhorn
- Brian Gulland / bassoon, recorder, vocals
- Philip Nestor / bass
- David Oberle / percussion, drums, vocals
- Graeme Taylor / guitars, vocals

This release can be seen as the BBC sessions (I think Hux Records took over the old BBC Radio 1 series) and for Gryphonheads , this is a real must. The tracks are taken from three different sessions and obviously , the live versions are definitely more passionate and exciting than the studio versions.

The first five tracks come off the first album and are much livelier especially Estampie which now becomes a classic must hear under this form. The next four tracks are from a 1974 show just after the release of their second album Midnight Mushrumps. Again here, the tracks (actually only two since three of them make for the entire Mushrumps suite ) are much livelier , merry and alltogether more fascinating than the studio album. the last track was done as a "commercial " jingle for the BBC show they were appearing on and apparently was unreleased as of yet.