Thursday, July 6, 2017

Gryphon - 2002 - About As Curious As It Can Be (Live 1974-1975)

About As Curious As It Can Be (Live 1974-1975)

01. Renaissance Dance Medley
02. Midnight Mushrumps
03. Ethelion
04. Wallbanger
05. The Last Flash Of Gaberdine Tailor
06. Le Cambrioleur Est Dans Le Mouchoir
07. Ein Klein Heldenleben
08. Jigs

- Tracks 1-3 recorded for 'Radio 1 In Concert' 3.5.1974 Hippodrome, Golders Green.
- Tracks 4-8 recorded for 'Radio 1 In Concert' 13.11.1975 Paris Theatre, London.

- Richard Harvey / keyboards, recorders, crumhorn, harmonium
- Brian Gulland / bassoon, bass krumhorn
- David Oberlé / drums, glockenspiel
- Graeme Taylor / guitar, mandolin
- Philip Nestor / bass guitar (tracks 1-3)
- Malcolm Bennett (Markovich) / bass guitar, flute (tracks 4-8)

One of the two BBC recording albums that were released lately about this seminal band. From different sessions but there are tracks present on both albums and to have both albums would mean you have too much cash on your hands (or space shelf) .
The major advantage of this album is the Raindances track sessions and especially Heldenleben (which I consider their best work ever) but overall I like the Glastonbury album better because of the recording quality. Comparering the tracks that are present on both albums (and even comparing them to the original studio albums) the recording quality and collective enthusiasm is definitely more audible in Glastonbury Carol , than on the other two. This is also very valid for Ethelion and Heldenleben.

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