Monday, July 31, 2017

Echo Del Africa National - 1976 - Récit Historique De Bobo Dioulasso

Echo Del Africa National 
Récit Historique De Bobo Dioulasso

01. Récit Historique De Bobo Dioulasso
02. Récit Historique De Bobo Dioulasso Suite

Epic and political story of the former Upper-Volta -now Burkina Faso- region of Bobo Dioulasso from its historical origins to the Independence. Told in French, Dioula and Bambara by Youssouf Diara accompanied by the Echo Del Africa band, one of the best bands of the time. Tracks are not listed but the styles range from deep Manding blues to some wild rockin' Voltaique tracks. Hard to find in good condition!

As strong as any single in Echo Del Africa’s catalog might have been, they would collectively serve as training for the group’s magnum opus, Récit Historique de Bobo-Dioulasso. Inspired by Bembeya Jazz National’s Regard Sur Le Passé, Echo Del Africa’s musical testimonial would give the emboldened troupe a chance to tell the history of their nation and their people from their own unique perspective, live onstage, for both rural and cosmopolitan audiences across the region. “It is our duty,” stated José Thiono-By on the album jacket, “to give the best of ourselves, hands in hands, in union and fraternity, in order to ensure the continuity of our Upper Volta, forever liberated.



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