Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cosmos Factory - 1977 - Metal Reflection

Cosmos Factory 
Metal Reflection

01. Down the highway
02. Shades of time
03. Violent heat
04. Rainy day dreams
05. A glass of happiness
06. Sexy cats
07. Strato-dynamite
08. White moon
09. Metal reflection

- Tsutomu Izumi / keyboards, vocals, cembalo, guitars
- Hisashi Mizutani / guitars, vocals
- Kazu Okamoto / drums, percussion
- Toshikazu Taki / bass, guitars, vocals
- Kuni Toyoda / drums, percussion

After releasing a nice debut cosmos factory changed their sound, evolved and released a very good second album. A year later the band returned with their third album which is no less than a masterpiece of heavy psychedelic prog, taking some clear influences from king crimson that period. One thing that is typical for them is changing their sound and style in every album, well this one is not different, in fact this is their biggest change of style. Out goes the crimsonian influences frippian guitars and wacky keys and in comes some funk influences and a more accessible rock style.

Cosmos are already a good band and are incapable of playing bad, so what we have here are a set of funky based rock songs played in a high level of musicianship. The songs are not straight forward but they don't evolve or contain big solos, although incorporating some flutes, saxophone and the keys they do not manage of sounding progressive. There are 9 tracks all are short and have one idea presented each time. The music is overall good and fun there is some good guitar moments featuring short solos. The keys are not bad and does have some nice moments but they are not prominent.

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