Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cosmos Factory - 1976 - Black Hole

Cosmos Factory 
Black Hole

01. Black hole
02. The vague image
03. The hard image
04. Crystal solitaire
05. A wandering young man
06. Days in the past
07. Mirror freak
08. Magic Window

- Tsutomu Izumi / vocals, keyboards
- Hisashi Mizutani / vocals, guitars, percussion
- Kazuo Okamoto / drums, percussion
- Toshikazu Taki / vocals, bass

This is some pretty heavy stuff and I am almost certain one of the most innovative things coming out of Asia as far as heavy music is concerned..even by today's standards...and this was nearly 30 years ago. The music is drenched in organ and hard rockin' guitars with nice bass anchoring the music and keyboards adding a moody...almost sinister overtone in some areas. Black hole is the best track, especially the ending. considering how few prog rock bands came from Asia,

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