Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cosmos Factory - 1975 - A Journey With The Cosmos Factory

Cosmos Factory 
A Journey With The Cosmos Factory

01. Sunday's happening (4:14)
02. Daydream (2:42)
03. Hiver (3:47)
04. Confusion (2:15)
05. The infinite universe of our mind (4:28)
06. The sea (5:14)
07. A hidden trap (2:07)
08. Wind in the morning (a trip) (3:44)
09. Journey of no destination (4:52)
10. The cosmogram (2:24)

- Tsutomu Izumi / keyboards, Mellotron, synthesizers, tape effects, percussion, vocals
- Hisashi Mizutani / guitars, vocals, tape effects, sounds
- Kazuo Okamoto / drums, percussion, timpani, voice, electronic drums
- Toshikazu Takeuchi / basses, piano, percussion, tape effects, vocoder, vocals

+ Mr. Campbell Gray / narration

The debut album An Old Caste Of Transylvania by Cosmos Factory is one of my favorite Japanese progrock records, what a lush vintage keyboards (lots of Mellotron and Hammond). On their second album Cosmos Factory mentioned on the cover instruments like self-made symphonizer, tape effects, talking bag, funny cat, hitting a door and synthesized voice .. so prepare for a hypnotizing trip to a psychedelic world! Indeed, most pieces sound a bit freaky and psychedelic but some songs are more symphonic rock like the dreamy The Sea (early Pink Floyd sound) and Journey Of No Destination (great soaring Hammond organ). The opener Sunday's Happening has some bizarre parts and Hiver and Daydream are on the edge of nerveracking music, you have to be up to this kind of music. For me it is a bit too complex and experimental but at least you can say that this is adventurous progressive music.

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