Thursday, June 8, 2017

The London Experimental Jazz Quartet - 1975 - Invisible Roots

The London Experimental Jazz Quartet 
Invisible Roots

01. Time Is Of The Essence 3:35
02. Edible Wallpaper 4:00
03. My Dog's Tail Is Longer Than Yours 4:15
04. Destroy The Nihilist Picnic 5:32
05. Ron Martin Special With Mustard 1:21
06. Eric's Madness 4:51
07. Jazz Windows Waltz 5:31
08. Spain Is For Old Ladies 5:55
09. The Sound Of Next Year's Echo 3:37
10. The Potential Of Something Exquisite 28:51

Alto Saxophone – Eric Stach, Ron Martin (tracks: 5)
Bass Saxophone – Peter Denny
Cello – Erna Van Daele
Clavinet – Gregg Dechert (tracks: 10)
Drums – Gregg Dechert (tracks: 5), Randy Coryell
Electric Bass – Gerry Van De Kamp
Flute – Eric Stach, Erna Van Daele
Piano – Gregg Dechert, Randy Coryell (tracks: 5)
Soprano Saxophone – Eric Stach
Vibraphone – Erna Van Daele (tracks: 9), Peter Denny
Vocals – Gregg Dechert

Recorded April 23, 1974 at the Creative Electronics Sound Studio. Originally released by Scratch Records as SR-10, London, Ontario, Canada

Track 10 recorded April 10, 1975 at the Creative Electronics Sound Studio. Taken from the unreleased album "Fruit From Another Garden Volume 2"

That's London, Ontario – not London, England – which means that the group have an even more far-flung sound than you might expect! The album's a brilliant and overlooked gem from the Canadian scene of the 70s – really mindblowing music by a group who are equally great at grooving, and at taking things very far outside – mixing together modes that are sometimes highly rhythmic, other times very loose and freewheeling! We're really not familiar with any of the players from later projects at all – but they're clearly a very hip batch of younger musicians who come together and sparkle brilliantly for this rare set – with a mix of soprano and alto sax, wood flute, cello, piano, bass, funky drums, vibes, and even some other cool effects that really make the record a treat throughout! 



  2. fabulous album, other incredible Canada album ( with Nick Ayoub,Carla Whitney - Choker Campbell & The Super Sounds ( yes: Choker Campbell music sesion in Motown ),and others

  3. This is incredible! Thank You! Timeless freefunk that reminds me of modern sounds like the Heliocentrics! Anything more in this same vein you might recommend?