Thursday, June 8, 2017

The London Experimental Jazz Quartet - 1975 - Invisible Roots

The London Experimental Jazz Quartet 
Invisible Roots

01. Time Is Of The Essence 3:35
02. Edible Wallpaper 4:00
03. My Dog's Tail Is Longer Than Yours 4:15
04. Destroy The Nihilist Picnic 5:32
05. Ron Martin Special With Mustard 1:21
06. Eric's Madness 4:51
07. Jazz Windows Waltz 5:31
08. Spain Is For Old Ladies 5:55
09. The Sound Of Next Year's Echo 3:37
10. The Potential Of Something Exquisite 28:51

Alto Saxophone – Eric Stach, Ron Martin (tracks: 5)
Bass Saxophone – Peter Denny
Cello – Erna Van Daele
Clavinet – Gregg Dechert (tracks: 10)
Drums – Gregg Dechert (tracks: 5), Randy Coryell
Electric Bass – Gerry Van De Kamp
Flute – Eric Stach, Erna Van Daele
Piano – Gregg Dechert, Randy Coryell (tracks: 5)
Soprano Saxophone – Eric Stach
Vibraphone – Erna Van Daele (tracks: 9), Peter Denny
Vocals – Gregg Dechert

Recorded April 23, 1974 at the Creative Electronics Sound Studio. Originally released by Scratch Records as SR-10, London, Ontario, Canada

Track 10 recorded April 10, 1975 at the Creative Electronics Sound Studio. Taken from the unreleased album "Fruit From Another Garden Volume 2"

That's London, Ontario – not London, England – which means that the group have an even more far-flung sound than you might expect! The album's a brilliant and overlooked gem from the Canadian scene of the 70s – really mindblowing music by a group who are equally great at grooving, and at taking things very far outside – mixing together modes that are sometimes highly rhythmic, other times very loose and freewheeling! We're really not familiar with any of the players from later projects at all – but they're clearly a very hip batch of younger musicians who come together and sparkle brilliantly for this rare set – with a mix of soprano and alto sax, wood flute, cello, piano, bass, funky drums, vibes, and even some other cool effects that really make the record a treat throughout! 



  2. This is incredible! Thank You! Timeless freefunk that reminds me of modern sounds like the Heliocentrics! Anything more in this same vein you might recommend?