Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Brass Company - 1975 - Colors

The Brass Company 

01. Spanish Dancer 5:20
02. Alias Buster Henry 4:41
03. Geni 5:52
04. High Steppin' 4:29
05. Colors 12:20
a. Early In The Morning
b. Evening Shadows
c. No Promise Of Tomorrow
d. Clear Skies, Bright Lights

Drums – Billy Higgins, Sonny Brown
Euphonium – Kiane Zawadi
Flugelhorn – Clif Lee, Kamal Abdul-Aim
Trombone – Charles Stephens
Trumpet – Bill Hardman, Eddie Preston, Harry Hall, Lonnie Hillyer
Tuba – Bob Stewart

Recording dates: June 4 and July 3, 1974.
Studio: Minot, White Plains, New York.
Guest Artists: Clifford Jordan, Stanley Cowell, Charles Tolliver.

Background Mexican blanket courtesy of Betty Dillard.
Poem "Evening Shadows" by Mitchell Christopher Carmichael.

Rare big-band brass LP featuring most of the Strata-East family incl: Tolliver, Cowell, Higgins, Abdul-Aim and Clifford Jordan!