Monday, June 26, 2017

Terumasa Hino - 1976 - Hogiuta

Terumasa Hino 

01. Gyohkoh 4:17
02. Hohjoh 5:11
03. Yuhwa 4:13
04. Hogiuta 4:23
05. Yuhkyu 1:39
06. The Good People 15:05
07. Conclusion 6:43

Bass – Cecil McBee
Congas – M´tume
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Flugelhorn – Terumasa Hino
Percussion – James M'tume, Motohiko Hino, Terumasa Hino
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino
Voice – Cecil McBee, James Mtume, Motohiko Hino, Terumasa Hino

Recorded May 18,19 and 23, 1976 at Vanguard Studio, NYC

One of the most striking mid 70s sessions from Japanese trumpeter Terumasa Hino – an extended suite of tracks performed by a very hip group that includes Mtume on congas and percussion, Cecil McBee on bass, and Motohiko Hino on drums! The approach here is almost in a mid 70s spiritual soul jazz mode – with lots of spare percussion and bass work at the beginning, building in mood and meaning as the set goes on and things heat up. Hino plays trumpet and percussion, and all players vocalize at parts of the performance – chanting along with the tunes in a way that really adds a soulful undercurrent to the record.

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