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Terumasa Hino - 1973 - Taro Mood

Terumasa Hino 
Taro Mood

01. Alone, Alone And Alone 14:25
02. Taro's Mood 12:35
03. Predawn 25:30

Cd Reissue:

101. Alone, Alone And Alone 14:17
102. Taro's Mood 12:47
103. Black Daffodil 12:33
104. Predawn 25:32

201. Stella By Starlight 7:47
202. Cycle Circle 13:57
203. Lullaby 6:35

Bass – Yoshio Ikeda
Congas – Yuji Imamura
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Piano – Mikio Masuda
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino

Recorded live at the jazzclub Domicile in Münich, June 29th 1973.

Born in 1942 in Tokyo, Terumasa Hino made his professional debut in 1955. After the great success of his album "Hi-nology" (1969) he performed at the Berliner Jazztage in 1971 and at many other festivals before moving to New York in 1975. Today Hino is a lving legend and the most famous national jazz musician in Japan. Once an editor of Miles Davis transcriptions, his powerful playing in the 70s and his "large, brilliant tone" (Grove Dictionary) have often been compared to Miles Davis' 60s style. "Taro's Mood" is a fiery, high-energy live document of freestyle hardbop that also allows moments of surprising lyricism. Including four bonus tracks, this edition gives a much broader picture of Hino's music than the original LP vinyl could.

One of the first great non-Japanese recordings by trumpeter Terumasa Hino – a smoking little live set from Germany, done at a time when Hino was working at the height of his youthful powers! The mode here is stretched out and open – never too outside, but very exploratory – in the direction that Hino took quite strongly on his Japanese albums as the 70s approached, but performed here in a style that's even more organic than those records. The group is all Japanese – with Motohiko Hino on drums and Mikio Masuda on piano – and added conga at the bottom of the backings almost gives the record an early 70s Impulse Records sort of feel – nice and spiritual, and plenty soulful!

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