Monday, June 26, 2017

Motohiko Hino Quartet + 1 - 1976 - Ryuhyo - Sailing Ice

Motohiko Hino Quartet + 1
Ryuhyo - Sailing Ice

01. Ryuhyo - Sailing Ice
02. Soul Trane
03. New Moon

Bass – Nobuyoshi Ino
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Guitar – Kazumi Watanabe
Tenor Saxophone – Masabumi Yamaguchi
Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone – Yasuaki Shimizu

Recorded on February 7, 1976 at Nemuro Shimin Kaikan.

CD contains two bonus tracks which were not included in the original LP, and all tracks are arranged in the order they were played. This is a powerful and exciting set of modal and post-bop jazz. Recommended!

A record with a really beautiful title – and a sound that definitely lives up to the "Sailing Ice" on the cover! The music is very much in the best post-Coltrane mode – played by a group led by the great Japanese drummer Motohiko Hino, and featuring Mabumi Yamaguchi on tenor and Yasuaki Shimizu on soprano and tenor – two reed players who really express themselves with a great sense of spirituality, and lots of searching energy throughout. The tracks are mostly originals (save for a version of "Soultrane") – served up in freewheeling modal grooves, and peppered with sharp, soulful solos that search out bold new territory, but which never get too free and sloppy. The set was recorded live, but the recording quality is excellent