Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Giger Lenz Marron - 1978 - Where The Hammer Hangs

Giger Lenz Marron 
Where The Hammer Hangs

01. Requiem pro glm
02. Akademikimaus
03. Where the hammer hangs
04. Threedom
05. Checking the scene
06. Alvorada
07. Orient expression
08. Swinging kippe

Peter Giger (drums, percussion),
Günter Lenz (bass),
Eddy Marron (guitar, saz),

+ Trilok Gurtu (tabla, congas)

Recorded July 3&4, 1978 at Biton Studios, Frankfurt/Main.

Peter Giger's career is full of wild one-way streets. It's like he can do it all, equally at home playing it straight, or rattling through an assortment of percussion instruments in jams of thorny, implacable experimentalism. Where the Hammer Hangs and its sister slab Beyond are just a short stop in his considerable career. Both albums are presently out of print, and are obscure considering his other accomplishments in major jazz circles. If you're familiar with Giger's work in more mainstream engagements, it's probably best to come at these from the Dzyan angle (which was actually my introduction to Giger some time back). 

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