Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Zbigniew Seifert - 1979 - Passion

Zbigniew Seifert 

01. Passion 5:06
02. Where Are You From 5:20
03. Sunrise Music 9:49
04. Kilimanjaro
05. Pinocchio 6:24
06. Singing Dunes 4:11
07. Quo Vadis 6:02
08. Escape From The Sun 3:40

Bass – Eddie Gomez
Drums – Jack DeJohnette
Guitar – John Scofield
Percussion – Naná Vasconcelos
Piano – Richie Beirach
Violin – Zbigniew Seifert

Born in Krakow, Poland, this highly talented jazz violinist died of cancer at just 33. The two albums I’ve heard are evidence of a voice unlike the other jazz violinists from mid-century. If you’ve heard the early Jean-Luc Ponty, there is a similar approach to a kind of untamed, vibrato-less, full-bow attack. But in Zbiggy’s case, a European sensibility throws his improvisations into a heightened lyricism; one might even say a search for beauty. In fact, “searching” describes him aptly. Be prepared to expend emotion if you listen.

Passion’s “back-up” band is a who’s who of 1978: Jack DeJohnette, John Scofield, Eddy Gomez, Ritchie Beirach, and Nana, the storied percussionist. It is apparent from the interplay that all the players are excited and engaged.

I think of Zbigniew Siefert as unsung, but I’m happy to see now there is a documentary film about him.  It looks like his memory is being kept alive, with a passion.
Peter Stenshoel

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