Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Yesterday's Children - 1970 - Yesterday's Children

Yesterday's Children 
Yesterday's Children

01. Paranoia      
02. Sad Born Loser      
03. What of I      
04. She's Easy      
05. Sailing      
06. Providence Bummer      
07. Evil Woman      
08. Hunter's Moon

Bass – Chuck Maher
Guitar – Richard Croce
Lead Guitar – Reggie Wright
Percussion – Ralph Muscatelli
Vocals – Dennis Croce

Reissue of the Connecticut hard rock groups only LP, originally released in 1969. Not to be confused with the Chicago area punk group of the same name who appear on the Pebbles box set. From the Cheshire and Prospect areas of Connecticut, these guys started out playing classic garage fuzz-punk as demonstrated by To Be Or Not To Be .

They'd progress to a hard rock style, of which the LP is a good example and worth searching out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR HARDROCK FANS of late 60's fuzzed rock.

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