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The Eclectic Mouse - 1969 - Everything I Got

The Eclectic Mouse
Everything I Got

01. 1st Movement: Everything I've Got Belongs To You 8:55
02. 2nd Movement: Where Do The Hounds Go? 3:17
03. 3rd Movement: Trialogue I, II, III 7:25
04. 4th Movement: Discovery 4:10
05. 5th Movement: Pre-Dawn Retrospective Chant 6:40
06. 6th Movement: Spirit Singing 3:55

Bass – Jerry Manfredi
Drums – Tim Downs
Flute – Joe N. Corral
French Horn – John Smart
Guitar – Dennis Lynde
Piano, Organ – Kristen Engstram
Saxophone [Alto] – Ernie Santos
Saxophone [Tenor] – John Renner
Trombone – Ben Harvey
Trumpet – Barry Downs, Billy Gonzales
Tuba – Rick Felix
Vocals – Harry Anglum, Jack Wilkerson
Written By, Arranged By, Conductor, Percussion – Steve Forman

Everything I've Got: Suite for Voice, Wind Ensemble, Percussion and Electric instruments by Steve Forman - "The Eclectic Mouse"

 "The Eclectic Mouse Was The Nickname Of Master Percussionist Steve Forman, Who Released One LP And A Supporting 45 On Capitol Records In 1969 Under That Moniker. The Album, Titled 'Everything I've Got' (Subtitled 'Suite For Voice, Wind Ensemble, Percussion And Electric Instruments'), Is A Very Interesting One To Say The Least, With Highly Original "Movements" That Feature Numerous Wind And Percussion Instruments And Were All Written, Arranged And Conducted By Forman Himself. The Stand Out Track On The Record Is The Amazing 'Where Do The Hounds Go?', Which Can Be Best Described As A Highly Energetic Fusion Of Paranoid "Jazz From Hell" And Rock.

Another relatively unknown early American progressive rock gem you won't find on the other prog web sites, The Eclectic Mouse was the vehicle for one Steve Forman; a Phoenix, Arizona conductor who is still in the music business apparently, but never got around to recording a follow-up. How this album and The Eclectic Mouse came together is unknown as precious little information is available anywhere, but it was released on Capitol who had enough confidence to back it with a single release. Never on CD, copies in the original thick cardboard gatefold sleeve are hard to find and very expensive these days as its reputation continues to grow.
Everything I've Got' is a product of it's time-when classical, pop and jazz styles fused as one. A blip on the continuum when Mason Williams' 'Classical Gas' reached the American Top 40 all the way to number two, The Nice unleashed Leonard Bernstein's 'America' while burning the American flag and psychedelia was very much in the air. This is classical rock at its best as The Eclectic Mouse plugged into the fuzzy, colour splashed spirit of the new age. Now I have to say Steve Forman's blurb on the inside cover is a lot of esoteric nonsense and as an example the quote -'We Must Feel, We Must Think, We Must Change' reads like another absolutely clueless Obama rant forty years after the fact, but I digress. The concept here is pretty much the story of a guy trying to find himself in the world and as tired as that well-worn tale sounds, musical it's a fun listen. It's not just classical, but jazz that provides the albums musical colours and the vocalists are good, no complaints there as the songs all written by Foreman are uniformly interesting. The albums single which was edited for the masses sounds like Jethro Tull mixed with Blood Sweat & Tears. Nicely done, and come to think of it that's a pretty good synopsis of the album as a whole. While it's still a little confusing trying to figure out over several listens why this record never took off, 'Everything I've Got' is a fascinating ride and one I take often
In Summary 1969 was a fantastic year for music and The Eclectic Mouse is one of the better albums you'll come across from this magical time. If you find a copy, buy and prepare to be impressed!


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