Sunday, May 21, 2017

Takashi Kako, Toshiyuki Miyama & New Herd - 1979 - El Al

Takashi Kako, Toshiyuki Miyama & New Herd 
El Al

01. El Al I  7:38
02. El Al II  11:45
03. El Al III  8:34
04. El Al IV  10:40

Takashi Kako: p, celesta
Akira Sakata: as, bcl
Masahiko Togashi: dr, perc
New Herd:
Toshiuki Miyama: conductor
Koichi Ono, Natsuki Tamura, Masanobu Takei, Shigeru Kammori: tp
Tekuhiro Kataoka, Kenchi Tsunoda, Takeo Arai, Ryohu Imai: tb
Kazumi Oguro, Shinji Nakayama: as, cl, fl
Mamoru Mori, Norio Moriguchi: ts, cl, fl
Kenichi Tada: bs, bcl, fl
Kiyoshi Takano: p
Yasushi Fukushima: b
Yoshio Nakamura: ds

Recorded August 28, 29 & September 4, 1978 at Media Studio Tokyo
Produced by Toshiaki Sugimoto

Takashi Kako (born 31 January 1947, Osaka) is a Japanese pianist and composer, who works in both jazz and art-music idioms.

Kako began playing piano at eight years old and learned to play jazz while in his teens. He attended the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, receiving both his bachelor's (1965-1969) and master's in composition (1971) there. Upon graduating, he matriculated at the Paris Conservatoire, where he studied composition under Olivier Messiaen; concurrently, he played jazz in clubs, beginning a long-term association with Kent Carter and Oliver Johnson as a trio. He played with Noah Howard, Masahiko Togashi, and Steve Lacy in the 1970s, and with Togashi again as a duo in the early 1980s. Starting in the mid-1980s, he increasingly moved toward playing solo piano, although he occasionally toured with ensembles as well.



  2. Finally - back to a righetous batch of worthwhile music. Was getting worried around here lately....

    1. Dude... I have a broad taste in music most of my friends too... so dont be surprised if you see me posting a bunch of Twisted "fucking" Sister one day or a of french concrete music, or decide to throw the full NWW list at the blog...or maybe a "My favorite" Sun Ra albums series (That one is already in the workings) or some overprized japanese Zeppelin boot box (Also in the working...paid 1200USD for it a couple of years ago...the full maryland 77 run from the soundboards...)

    2. Dude - mine's probably broader. And it's your house, you can do what you want. But don't be surprised if you get the occasional comment when you post shit.

      It's all good. Just sayin'.

    3. one persons shit... other persons gold when it comes to music... yo should see the stuff my kid brother listens too (23 years my junior)

    4. I feel your pain. I was also not being deathly serious in my initial comment, I should add (which I was also trying to imply with the end of my last one).

      But it's just.....multi disc Zep boxes....(shakes head, goes back to downloading vintage Japanese jazz...)

      "Everbody's where they want to be". - Peter Tork in Head

    5. I've been collecting those Japanese multi disc sets for 30 years... they do not come cheap and are released in small numbers... not everybody has either the contacts or the financial acumen to collect them... I used to be a poor student once long ago. So that's why I keep posting them... they do generate a ton of visitors, so there is an audience for it.
      The sad part is , that as freegiving as the visitors of this blog have been in sharing albums I was missing, or that other visitors requested, the Led Zeppelin collectors tribe are the opposite, elitism and assholiness (Is that a word?) is rampant. Back in the day if you didnt have something to trade or had a ton of silvers nobody would even give you the time of day... so... everytime I buy a new box... no matter how expensive, it immediately makes it's way to the share folder... so that the less solvent kids out there also get to enjoy the fun... lol But multidisc Sun Ra boxes coming for you!

    6. I will say that, despite my utter lack of interest in Zeppelin (and on a larger scale, the world of bootlegs in general, especially live ones), it is quite nice of you to do that for those who are interested in them.

      (And I actually have no interest in Sun Ra either, lol. But do what you do. I am aware enough to realize it's not all about me. I just like to let a fart or two go about it from time to time.) :D

    7. If I post a bunch of Strata East label stuff? would that put a smile on yer face?

    8. Possibly. Actually what will KEEP a frown FROM my face is not following through on that NWW list threat. Why a bunch of albums - some fantastic, others truly dreadful - has become famous just from being on some 40 year old personal "like" list of a pretentious wanker with little to no talent of his own continues to amaze and stump me.

      I could make a better list. YOU, quite clearly, could make a better list. (Hell, the contents of this blog, in the main, is a better "list".) So, yeah - if it's a choice between that and 20 disc Zep boxes - by all means, stick with the latter.

    9. Hahahhaa... there is indeed a tonof stuff on that NWW list that I cant stand either, got some friends back home in Cuba I went to art academy with, that love that stuff and cant get it there, so that's why I post

      You know what... help a fellow music lover out... GImme some ideas on what to post! even thou I have a gazillion albums I sometimes just strike out and go for the easy kil... 20 cd box of

  3. I love the variety of music you post. New (& old) discoveries all the time! Thank you, John

  4. I agree with Harvey Dog...Always a true fucking Pleasure to see the breadth of music you post!! Love it!! Rock On...

    Cheers!! :0)


  5. One can love both LZ and Japanese jazz.
    And hell, the NWW list too.