Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Stack Waddy - 2012 - The Lost Dandelion Jams

Stack Waddy
The Lost Dandelion Jams

01. What's The Guinness Like, Gary Moore Asked Me
02. Put A Top On That
03. I Dried My Sticks On A Washing Line
04. Missing Jaguar From Timperley
05. Graham Gouldman Asked, 'What's Them Chords?'
06. He Broke A Chair To Make Drumsticks
07. US Army Deserter
08. No! We Won't Mix That, Said John Peel
09. I Got Ozzy By The Throat
10. Phone Call At Salford's Black Lion Pub
11. Selwood Ran Off And Hid From Us
12. Mike Sweeney Was Never In Stack Waddy
13. Collyhurst Or Timperley

Bass – Stuart Banham
Guitar – Mick Stott
Harp, Vocals – John Knail
Percussion – Steve Revell

Admired the world over by Beefheart and Zappa fans, John Peel listeners and fans of punk, heavy rock and blues. Manchester's Stack Waddy's previous two albums set the benchmark for being punks before the word even existed and yet they were hippy long haired rockers who on the one hand promoters and John Peel loved but on the other hand also struck fear into them at the mention of their name. Stack Waddy were a legendary Manchester long haired four piece who were active intermittently for only a few years in the last forty years.The members were Mick Stott, Stuart Banham, John Knail and Steve Revell, Steve Revell was later replaced by John Groom.

Taking their name from a character in MAD magazine, Stack Waddy came together at the end of the summer of 1969. They often performed Beefheart and Zappa numbers live and their own material song titles in the studio were just often made up on the spot. John Peel " I have always had a love of bands from the Manchester area, in the early 70s I signed up two great bands StackWaddy from Timperley and Tractor/The Way We Live from Rochdale. Then of course later in the 70’s the Rochdale studios above Tractor’s music shop would record tracks by my other favourite Manchester rebels The Fall. Back to Stack Waddy, their attitude was apalling but wonderful at the same time, they gave me a certain amount of grief but I have to say I really liked them. Their antics make even the most outrageous punk bands that came later seem so tame. They just played the same in the studio as they did live, hard loud and alcohol infused" On the 13 tracks on the "Lost Dandelion Jams " Stack Waddy were in the studio and recording in their usual raucous style the same style as when they were playing live.

Is there anyone out there with a digital copy of their Record Store Day release of a couple of years ago, willing to share it with us mere mortals? Thanks in advance!!!

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