Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sons Of Sun - 1972 - The Pirate Kid's Adventure

Sons Of Sun 
The Pirate Kid's Adventure (Kaizoku Kid No Boken)

01. Snow Light
02. Suburban Railway
03. To Hitomi
04. Dusk
05. The Pirate Kid's Adventures
06. Meeting
07. Vargant Elegy
08. Solitary Journey
09. Bare Backs Of Mystery
10. The Daughter And Two People
11. Sleep Doll

Keyboard - Hiro Yanagida
Drums - Kiyoshi Tanaka
E.Guitar - Kazuyuki Nagaoka
E.Bass - Hideaki Takebe
Vocal - Mao

This perfect album was release in 1972 with Hiro Yanagida on keyboard. Other musicians are not well known. As I know some of them were session musicians in different times and that the lyrics for this album were written by Takashi Matsumoto (from Apryl Fool and Happy End).
You will not find here a prog or psych. There's a quite interesting album with. The mood of this album is so positive that seems it was written for kids or all musicians here remembered their kidness :) But nevertheless it's a brilliant album which is rather to listen to!

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