Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Robert Wood - 1976 - Vibrarock

Robert Wood

01. Rue St-Martin 1:10
02. Hammer 6:05
03. Port Meadow 4:05
04. Woodlands Walk 2:30
05. This Is The Meaning Of 6:50
06. Submariner 2:45
07. Wagram Jam 4:15
08. Star 3:45
09. Hammer '74 6:05
10. Tombac / Edwige Medley 3:30

Bass – Beliaev (tracks: B1), Mike Howlett (tracks: B2),
Olivier Zdrzalik (tracks: A1 to A5, B4, B5), Patrick Fontaine (2) (tracks: B3)
Drums – Bruno Caroube (tracks: B1), Marcel Bel (tracks: A1 to A5),
Olivier Didier (tracks: B3 to B5), Pierre Moerlen (tracks: B2)
Effects [Space Echoes] – Venux Deluxe (tracks: B5)
Flute – Didier Malherbe (tracks: B5)
Vibraphone – Robert Wood
Vocals – Robert Wood (tracks: A1 to A5, B1, B3, B5)

A1 - A5 Recorded live at Celle St-Cloud Festival June 1975
B1 Recorded at Condorcet Studio, Toulouse, April 1975
B2 Recorded Late Afternoon Salle Wagram, Paris, December 1975
B3 Recorded at The Aquarium Studio, Paris, May 1974
B4 Recorded "Live" at The Salle Wagram, Paris, December 1974
B5 Recorded "Live" at The Hall Comminges, Toulouse, November 1974

Pierre Moerlen, Mike Howlett, Didier Malherbe, Olivier Didier, Patrick Fontaine, Olivier Zdralik, Marcel Bel, Bruno Caroube, all great musicians involved in good progressive music at the time with Robert Wood on an unique instrument, the electric vibes. Sound varies on the tracks but the engineering by Francis Linon (Gong, Magma) catches the excitement and rawness of live performance. Cult.

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